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QuestWho is a Web and Mobile system application where users can input some famous lines of their favorite celebrity, singers and characters on any movies, series, tv shows, lyrics of your favorite songs.

The user can favorite some lines that the other users added, and give ratings and comments to it. They can also give points to the users who inputted the “best lines” and rank them to the top.

Top users will be featured at the dashboard of the system. With this they need to register for them to do so.

There is also a game wherein:
- the system generates random lines that were inputted and let you guess who said that specific line. (multiple choices)

It has it's own game level:
Easy - international/global lines/quotes/lines/lyrics
Hard - random global or local
Custom - a language specification you'd wish to choose and play (english, tagalog, japanese, korean, etc.)

The system also allows users to input trivias about the character, movies and etc that is related to the system. (optional)

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